Saturday, December 19, 2009

BCSD6: San Diego Barcamp (6th)

Barcamps are great, don't miss out! So mark your calendars everyone...

SD Barcamp Info (from Barcamp has grown – again. This coming barcamp will be SD 6, which means we’re on our THIRD year of barcamp. Technically, since we had to push BCSD6 to January, we’ll be beginning our FOURTH year.

Here’s the current lowdown:

  • January 16th and 17th
  • Intuit, Santa Fe Campus in Carmel Valley

Friday, December 18, 2009

CES 2010

Consumer Electronics Show is approaching quickly. It will start on 7 Jan 2010 @ LV. We may see plethora of new mobile devices from many vendors in the show. Of course, I am quite interested with Palm's WebOS as a developer. I think they have a great product in their hands!

I bet many small form factor devices such as new wave of PDAs, smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other exciting gadgets will show up in the show! Recently, I saw Mag+, a new concept on the future of digital magazines. It was quite amazing. Check it out. They might be in there as well...

Microsoft and Apple are also working on their secret tablet devices! According to Gizmodo, MS's new tablet called Courier will show it's face next year. Late prototype has beautiful 7-inch dual screens. Probably they will not call it a tablet pc, most likely it will be called a booklet.