Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday, my wife and I got our new 3G iPhones. So far so good, we are both enjoying our new gadgets :)

Here is the list of the little apps that I have installed so far (all free form iTunes App Store):
* Pocket Express: Personalized information service
* VNC: Provides access to a VNC server (works well)
* Pangea VR: Utility to view interactive VR panoramas.
* LastFM: Free streaming radio to listen your favorite music.
* Shazam: Music identification (works amazingly well!)
* Eventful: Shows local events
* vSnax: Videos for latest news and more
* Shakespeare: Complete works of William.
* Box Office: Read movie reviews, locate theaters and show times
* Bubbles: Just a little fun game
* PearMe: Find matching photos (game)