Wednesday, November 21, 2007

San Diego JUG Meeting - 20 November 2007/Tue

Bruce Eckel was with us at our JUG meeting last night and it was pretty good one. The topic was "Java Issues & Directions".

More info can be found here:
* Bruce's site:

San Diego Barcamp was cool

I attended the SD barcamp couple weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised how dynamic and cool it was. Definitely, it's a must-go-event. I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to hear and share information about technology, hacking, Web 2.0 and beyond...

By the way, barcamp is a spin-off of foocamp which was organized by Tim O'Reilly. Whereas foocamp is invitation-only, barcamp is open to everyone who is interested in the technology and web. It is basically small workshop-events whose content is provided by participants.

Here is the site:

I reclaimed my blog-spot here at :)

I didn't use the Blogger quite sometime and today just reclaimed my account :)